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Wave Robo Advisor (WFX): Easier Management of Massive Data for Foreign Exchange Investments

Divinci Technology held a forum recently. In the forum, Leo, who is the creator of Bridgewater and manages more than US$160 million, mentioned that the Fed has stopped raising interest rates at the end of its cycle which offered every Chinese investor a super big year-end bonus. In short term, this will stimulate global asset prices to reach higher level and probably the bull market of foreign exchange is arriving.

Foreign Exchange Investment – No longer belong to capital market

Popularity of massive data lets foreign exchange investment have its own area to practise for beginners. WFX has started to protect beginner’s accounts security. The highlight is the automatic tracking of trade history, which makes every beginner look like an experienced investor. Compared to MT4, the one-click operation of WFX is easier to learn and faster to make profit.

Functional updates are more comprehensive: registration, account creation, entry and exit, tree management, leverage adjustment, signal source, signal return, profit sharing etc are more comprehensive

Fast Orders response: it can process more than 1000 orders at the same time for every second with zero leaked order. Customers can adjust the order, track the trade history, and set fast operation oby just clicking a button.

Smart investment strategy is improved: it makes foreign exchange investment easier by bringing together the basic information of global asset allocation, accurate judgment of the future direction of foreign exchange market , and more flexible advice on investment strategy.

It is an important year for the foreign exchange market in 2019 spring. Hopefully, with the twilight of the strong era of dollars, the growth of emerging market assets and good liquidity will provide a strong downwind for currency markets. WFX has strict supervision and clearing system that all the investors can manage it easier by all these functions. (

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