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innogy DigiKoo to Deploy Trusted Grid Data Services Using the Intertrust Modulus Data Rights Management Platform

Intertrust Technologies Corporation, the world leader in trusted distributed computing technologies, today announced that DigiKoo will deploy Intertrust Modulus™ trusted data rights management platform. DigiKoo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of German energy company innogy (ETR: IGY), serves the biggest German distribution grid operator Westnetz, among other customers. DigiKoo will use Modulus to create a secure, rights managed data exchange for grid operators that provides efficient, clean and up-to-date data for city planners and grid planners in a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and German regulation friendly way.

Founded in 2017, DigiKoo has built a modern web-based platform that allows planners to rapidly access grid information from multiple parties. Intertrust joins other DigiKoo specialist partners, including envelio,, and topogrids, to deliver trusted data services that allow grid planners and operators to solve current and future challenges in Germany’s Energiewende (energy transition) that includes the increased penetration of renewables, storage, and the deployment of e-mobility infrastructure. The challenge in the German grid business is to make data from multiple sources available to their relevant market participants, for example, distribution system operators (DSO), utilities, and municipalities. Processing data in a trusted and reliable way that respects the numerous consumer protection, data privacy and competition laws is vital. DigiKoo’s tools use map-based GIS interfaces to help planners and developers estimate loads and plan expansion measures in a broad variety of areas.

“We selected Intertrust Modulus for DigiKoo because it meets our need to provide a service that protects German consumers while allowing market participants to cooperate where needed,” said Peter Mathis, DigiKoo’s managing director. “Using Modulus, DigiKoo can grid data, securely combine it with data from other sources, and make it available in a secure rights-managed way that obeys governing laws and facilities data access. Planning and permitting processes that took weeks now take only seconds.”

Modulus provides the ability to manage diverse data sets under digital data rights management that observes enterprise policies and data management regulations.

“DigiKoo is a showcase example of how Modulus can help enterprises build data-driven business models,” said Tim Schaaff, Intertrust’s chief product officer. “Our platform securely intermediates between competing and cooperating actors to provide convenience and time-to-market. Our programmable data rights management system not only allows us to implement existing data management regulations and apply them to the data, but also adapt dynamically to new regulations and policies as they become available.”

About DigiKoo

DigiKoo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of innogy (ETR: IGY), which serves the biggest German distribution grid operator Westnetz, and also provides its products to companies beyond innogy, including other utilities and DSO’s. Together with its partners, DigiKoo offers solutions that enable the display of the electricity grid, the gas grid, the water connections and FFTX in one platform and across mobile and stationary clients.

About Intertrust Technologies Corporation

Intertrust provides trusted computing products and services to leading global corporations – from mobile and CE manufacturers and service providers to enterprise software platform companies. These products include the world’s leading digital rights management, software tamper resistance and private data sets for various verticals including energy, entertainment, fintech and IoT.

Founded in 1990, Intertrust is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with regional offices in London, Tokyo, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Beijing, Seoul, Riga, and Tallinn. The Company has a legacy of invention, and its fundamental contributions in the areas of computer security and digital trust are globally recognized. Intertrust holds hundreds of patents that are key to Internet security, trust, and privacy management components of operating systems, trusted mobile code and networked operating environments, web services, and cloud computing.

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